Who we are?

The Interdisciplinary Clinical Center (ICC) is a unique institution in Israel, the purpose of which is to treat the health, developmental, emotional and social needs of the community and to prepare community interventions during emergencies and other situations of need.

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Greetings From ICC Director

דוקטור רבקה יהב

Prof. Rivka Yahav
head of the ICC

Greetings From ICC Director, Prof. Rivka Yahav!

It was a great honor that, in the year 2002, I was tasked with establishing and developing an interdisciplinary clinical center that would connect the scientific endeavors of academia with the needs of the community. I was afforded full freedom to design a center for therapy, supervision and research that would operate from a holistic perspective for the University and the public.

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With Eyes on the Community

אייקון עם הפנים לקהילה

The Interdisciplinary Clinical Center (ICC) initiates and develops unique, innovative models based on the identification of essential needs in the population and explores ways to empower the various communities. Following elucidation of needs, the teams develop, initiate and conduct therapy, workshops and multidisciplinary interventions in the community and on Haifa University campus. The projects, with Prof. RIvka Yahav at their head, won two prestigious prizes: the Recanati-Kop-Chais-Rashi Award for the enterprising social worker (2009) and the Prime Minister’s Prize for Initiative and Innovation (2012).
Below are examples of projects conducted in the community by the ICC:
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