Who we are?

The Interdisciplinary Clinical Center – With our Eyes toward the Community

Director of the Interdisciplinary Clinical Center: Professor Rivka Yahav, Clinical social worker, psychotherapist, senior lecturer in the School of Social Work, and Director of the School of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Former Chairperson of the Israel Psychotherapy Association.

The Interdisciplinary Clinical Center (ICC) is a unique institution in Israel, the purpose of which is to treat the health, developmental, emotional and social needs of the community and to prepare community interventions during emergencies and other situations of need.

The ICC provides services for assessment, therapy and supervision at a high professional level, organizes workshops and carries out unique intervention projects in the community designed in response to the community’s specific needs. People of all ages and speaking a variety of languages can find help for issues with which they are contending. All population groups will find that the center operates within a culturally sensitive approach. We offer private, marital, family, and group therapies, either on the university premises or in the community. The ICC is associated with the Faculty of Welfare and Health Sciences and operates from a systemic and interdisciplinary perspective.

Interdisciplinary Team – The therapist team at the Interdisciplinary Clinical Center (ICC) includes internationally renowned experts from academia and clinical practice. The team includes communication therapists, occupational therapists, psychotherapists, group facilitators, psychologists, social workers, and expressive arts therapists engaged in assessment, treatment and prevention. The interdisciplinary composition of the ICC team promises a comprehensive response to the needs of clients and facilitates the building of holistic intervention programs.

At the head of the ICC is Dr. Keren Or-Chen, P.h.D in Psychology, lecturer ay school of social work.

The following institutes operate within the ICC:

The Psychotherapy Institute, under the direction of Dr. Michal Almagor, offers consultation and therapy in a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches. One can get help for issues related to coping with emotional and functional difficulties.

The Institute for the Assessment and Treatment of Communications, Language and Speech Disturbances, under the direction of Erika Antebi, provides services in assessment, treatment and rehabilitation in the area of communication, language and speech development, language learning disabilities, motor and pronunciation speech disabilities, and problems of speech fluency in young children.

The Auditory and Neurophysiological Institute for the Assessment and Rehabilitation of Hearing, under the academic guidance of Dr Rafi Shemesh, conducts comprehensive auditory assessments and hearing tests for infants, children, adolescents and adults and audiological consultations. The Institute does not sell hearing aids in order to remain objective and clear of commercial interests.

The Occupational Therapy Institute, under the direction of Dr. Sausan Mazauwi-Habib, is engaged in the identification, treatment and rehabilitation of developmental delays and disabilities, sensori-motor and cognitive difficulties, physical disabilities, birth defects, genetic diseases, chronic diseases, emotional difficulties, learning disabilities and concentration problems.