Greetings From ICC Director, Prof. Rivka Yahav!

It was a great honor that, in the year 2002, I was tasked with establishing and developing an interdisciplinary clinical center that would connect the scientific endeavors of academia with the needs of the community. I was afforded full freedom to design a center for therapy, supervision and research that would operate from a holistic perspective for the University and the public.
Founded under the auspices of the Faculty of Welfare and Health Studies, the Interdisciplinary Clinical Center (ICC) sought, from the beginning, to provide responses to a variety of issues faced by the community, drawing on expertise of the Faculty in a number of fields.
Conditions we face in life often confront us with psychological and physical challenges that require professional consultation and therapy. The ICC team includes a range of therapists who are experts both in academia and the field, making use of accumulated experience and the latest developments. This knowledge is updated on an ongoing basis, with an interdisciplinary approach that allows more effective assistance at the level of intervention most appropriate for the issue at hand, whether that is individual, family or community
Among the therapists, one can find communications therapists, occupational therapists, clinical and educational psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, group therapists, expressive arts therapists and movement therapists, physiotherapists and experts in health and nutrition. The team is skilled in assessment, therapy and prevention. Services are provided for all ages and in Hebrew, English, Arabic and Russian, for a variety of populations. We operate within a gender-sensitive perspective and provide interventions privately, for families or groups, in either the university clinic or in the community.
The ICC conducts unique interdisciplinary workshops in the university and in the community, and interventions and activities in cooperation with many other organizations. Government agencies, nongovernmental and private organizations are invited to take part in activities for the benefit of the populations with which they work.
In addition, the ICC serves as a center for supervision and observation studies for students, researchers and professionals. As an innovative center for knowledge, we organize conferences and study days.
Our therapists’ expertise and their innovative work techniques have earned the ICC prestigious national and international awards for the development of unique therapy and research models that promote a deepening relationship between the community and academia. The Center has become a national and international address for those seeking to learn treatment methods, receive supervision and design interdisciplinary interventions applicable to issues faced by the diversity of communities across the country and around the globe. Located within the university, we are able to ensure discretion to clients using our services. The setting is designed in a way that is comfortable and inviting.
You are invited to visit the ICC, to get an impression of the professional team, to experience the personal and warm way you are treated, to get the information you require and decide if you would like to take advantage of the services offered by the clinic.

Confidentiality is assured.

Rivka Yahav
Director of the Interdisciplinary Clinical Center