Supporting the Interdisciplinary Clinical Center

Supporting the ICCA Professional Approach to Healing

Some situations in life require a professional helping hand.  When faced with mental or physical difficulties, experienced and compassionate professional care can help in dealing with harsh realities and can lead to the path of healing.

The Interdisciplinary Clinical Center was established at the University of Haifa with the goal of extending a professional helping hand to the community by providing diagnostic and therapeutic services. 

A unique center in Israel, the Interdisciplinary Clinical Center's multi-disciplinary, holistic treatment philosophy is dedicated to addressing the therapeutic needs of the community of Haifa and northern Israel.  The Center aims to meet the health, developmental, emotional and social needs of the community, focusing on deprived and special-need populations.  The Clinical Center provides top-notch diagnostic, counseling, professional guidance and therapy services. Anchored in the prestigious Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Studies, it also conducts research and provides practical training for the Faculty's students.

The Center's diagnostic and therapeutic services are available to all age groups, and in several languages such as Hebrew, English, Russian, and Arabic, at the Center's clinics or at facilities in the community. Services are offered at the individual, family, group, and organizational level.  In addition, the Center holds workshops and conducts a number of other activities such as unique community intervention projects.

Lead by Prof. Rivka Yahav, Director of the Interdisciplinary Clinical Center, a wide range of expert therapists use the latest, most innovative knowledge in their fields to offer the optimal, most effective treatments. Among the Center's specialists are communication clinicians, occupational therapists, clinical and educational psychologists, psychotherapists and group therapists, social workers, art and movement therapists, physiotherapists, and experts in health and diet -- all of whom are involved in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.
As part of its interdisciplinary and multi-system approach the Clinical Center houses the following institutes: the Institute for Consultation and the Treatment of Emotions; the Institute for Communication, Language, and Speech Disorders; the Audiology and Neurophysiological Institute for Hearing Diagnosis and Rehabilitation and the Institute for Occupational Therapy.   Each institute is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, providing each individual being treated with the maximum assistance and support. The treatment sessions take place in a comfortable, welcoming environment which is also designed to respect patient privacy.


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