The Audiology and Neurophysiological Institute for Hearing Diagnosis and Rehabilitation

image5Hearing impairment is thought to be one of the most prevalent medical issues affecting infants and children today. Early detection and diagnosis is absolutely crucial in the prevention of delays or problems in future speech and language development.

The University of Haifa, in response to the pressing need for innovation and advancement in the field of hearing impairments, established an Audiology and Neurophysiological Institute for Hearing Diagnosis and Rehabilitation as part of the Interdisciplinary Clinic.  The Institute, one of the leading institutes in the world, offers a variety of examinations to provide comprehensive audiological assessments including hearing tests and audiological diagnosis for all ages, rehabilitation therapies (hearing training and lip-reading), audiological consultations and hearing aids fittings.

The Audiology and Neurophysiological Institute is equipped with the latest, most advanced technology, acoustic cells and diagnostic labs. The Institute's team of experts consists of leading clinicians in communication disorders and audiology as well as specialists in hearing disabilities and experienced clinicians, among them Professor Joseph Attias, a world-renowned expert on prevention and detection strategies for the hearing impaired, Professor Shimon Sapir, specializing in the physiology and rehabilitation of voice and speech disorders, and Dr. Rafi Shemesh, the Director of the Institute, whose expertise is the diagnosis and rehabilitation of the hearing-impaired.

The Institute's team conducts clinical research in collaboration with other internationally acclaimed research centers and universities. The focus of the research is on reaching a better understanding of the development of hearing and to making improvements in the detection and diagnosis of children and adults. The Institute's researchers are making advances in the development of advanced technologies through biological mechanisms.