About Us


Life's reality often faces us with clinical situations, mental or physical, requiring consultation and professional care.

The Clinical Center was established for the community precisely in order to respond to different situations in a variety of areas. The Center was set up within the University of Haifa with the idea of imparting a feeling of privacy to those receiving treatment. The offices have been designed in a pleasant and inviting manner.

You will find at the Clinical Center a diversity of therapists from the academic world and from the field who are experts in their specialties, making use of the newest, most innovative knowledge that has been accumulated. This knowledge is continuously updated through an interdisciplinary approach that enables giving the best, most effective aid to each individual personally.

Among these therapists one may find communication clinicians, occupational therapists, clinical and educational psychologists, psychotherapists and group therapists, social workers, art and movement therapists, physiotherapists, and experts in health and diet—all occupied in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

The services are given to all ages and in any of several languages (Hebrew, English, Russian, and Arabic) on a private, couple, family, or group basis at the Center itself or in the community. The Center also holds workshops and conducts a variety of other activities.

I invite you to visit the Clinical Center, to gain an impression of the professional staff at work here and of the interpersonal relations, to obtain information you may need, and to avail yourself of the services that are given here.

Confidentiality is assured.

We are at your service.